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We Bot helps companies increase customer experience and accessibility by automating chat and removing human interaction.
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Decisions based on user data

With the use of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning we configure a highly functioning and fully automated chatbot basing decisions on user data. Every conversation with a customer train the bot to become even better.

Platform Agnostic

We have the possibility integrate toward several platforms both text and speech. With We Bot you will have a seamless integration toward your website, social media platforms and app!

Connect your system

Connect your system. For example your CRM to include customer specific information or ERP to tell if the item is in stock. We help you connect our service to your APIs. 

Decide the journey

It is up to you to decide how you like the use cases and customer journey to be. Either way, we will help you with the configurations to make your experience as smooth as possible

Initiate conversations

Broadcast messages to your users. Whether it is telling them about your new features or just checking in to say hello! No need to wait for the customer to contact you

Customizable Actions

We Bot is not limited to just Q&A. Include customisable actions to trigger integrations. Use button, controls, webviews and much more! 

CLOUD based

With a cloud based solution it is possible to scale for any company size and number of customers

Data Security

We use best practice regarding data security using encryption and anonymization of data